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UK-wide Online Counselling

  • Sessions tailored to your needs/preferences
  • Weekly sessions to begin with
  • Support offered if nervous about using Zoom
  • Option of telephone sessions if preferred
  • Inclusive ethos
  • Neurodivergent-friendly

Neurodivergence and Inclusivity

I have lived experience of ADHD, and offer a particularly warm welcome to you if you too identify as neurodivergent or would be reassured to know I operate an inclusive practice.

About You

Are you wanting to become the ‘best’ version of yourself that you can be, and wanting a therapist you can really relate to, without awkward silences?  Fed up of feeling as you do and want someone to help you see a way forward?   Maybe feeling like you don’t quite know how to fit in, or get what you want?

I have over 25 years’ experience in working with people who are bereaved, depressed, anxious, in challenging relationships, or just dissatisfied with their lives, and clients frequently tell me how easy I am to talk to.  We don’t just talk about the difficulties and issues, but how to resolve them in a way that feels comfortable for you.   

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“Welcome, and thanks for pausing and looking at my website.  Hopefully you will like what you see, and I look forward to hearing from you -just press one of the Contact buttons and you can leave some details for me to get back to you.

As you can see above, I welcome those who are neurodivergent, particularly those who like me came to this realisation late in life and wish we could have known this in childhood.  I also offer a warm inclusive welcome to those who might regard themselves ‘on the fringes’ perhaps from the LGBTQIA+ communities – my hope and intention is that you feel welcome and accepted here. 

And to all who are considering counselling and have reached this site, I look forward to hearing from you and will respond as soon as I can.”



Counselling or Talking Therapy is a an intentional time of working together with a professional who is there to help you find the right way forward for you, with an agreed focus and goal.


My fees are currently £60 per session, paid the day before each session.

 What to Expect

Once you have made contact via the form below, I will give you a quick ring to fix up an initial appointment to talk about your needs, your life currently and how you would like it to be.  

About Me

I’m a Yorkshire lass, and I’m often told that I’m really easy to talk to, and maybe that’s because I’m down to earth, and I gauge when to ‘go deeper’ and when to just allow us to catch our breath with a moment of humour or lightness.  So even if we are working with something painful or frightening, we can take it at a pace and depth that is comfortable and sustainable.  For instance, some people need time to think before speaking, others will think as they speak; if you don’t quite get the meaning of something I say, I can rephrase it to make it clearer; some days are brave positive days when we can explore things which are painful, other days we may wish to keep things a bit lighter if you feel more sensitive or vulnerable.  I will work with you to help you in whatever way you find easiest. 

I started Counselling for Cruse Bereavement Care in 1995, and later became a Supervisor for them.  Since my degree in 2003 I have worked in a Hospice, Christian Counselling Centre, General Counselling Centre doing GP referrals, and latterly as an independent Therapist.

In my personal life, I am a Yorkshire woman who values the simple things in life, seeks to live life intentionally, and for fun (ha!) follows the varying fortunes of York City FC.  I also love choral music, sudokus, taking photographs, and any number of (usually unfinished!) crafts.

Finding a Therapist who

is Experienced and Skilled

Did you know that anyone in the UK – anyone! – can advertise themselves as a Counsellor, Psychotherapist or Therapist?  It’s amazing in this day and age isn’t it, but it’s true.  There is no compulsory registration process; however there are professional membership bodies which counsellors can choose to join which check on credentials and training, and these Counsellors can then be added to a voluntary register run by the PSA (Professional Standards Authority) for you to check.

Gaining theoretical knowledge doesn’t guarantee someone being a great therapist, and not all great therapists have chosen to be accredited, or even join the PSA register, but questions to consider as you choose a therapist might include:

Do they hold Professional Accredited Status with a recognised Membership Body which registers them with the PSA?  (If so this indicates a suitable training, that they are adequately supervised, and that they are insured.)

How long is it since they completed their training?  And what is their approach to Counselling?  (See my blog on this.)

Do they have a Data Protection Registration Certificate, issued by the information commissioner’s office, so they comply with GDPR and know how to protect the information they hold about you?

If they are members of a professional counselling body but do not hold Professional Accredited Status, you might wish to check that they have monthly supervision, insurance, appropriate level of training, etc.

 My Professional Credentials

  • First Class Honours Degree in Counselling Studies, University of Leeds 2003
  • Experience as a Cruse Bereavement Counsellor and Supervisor
  • Experience in Counselling Charities, Hospice, and over 15 years in private practice
  • PSA Accredited Professional Registrant via NCPS (The National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society) whose Ethical Framework I work to
  • Date Protection Registration Certificate
  • Professional Insurance covering malpractice and professional liability and public liability
  • Regular continuing professional development (currently focusing on increasing my knowledge of neurodivergence

Lin Hudson BA(Hons)Counselling Studies PNCPS(Accred)

What is Therapy?

Counselling or Talking Therapy is a professional, intentional time of working together with an agreed focus and goal. We will work collaboratively and talk about possibilities together, rather than me telling you what to do, though I can offer guidance and ideas to help you. It can be a short, sharp process, just trying to change the present; or it can be an exploration of why certain patterns keep repeating in your life, and using the insight for you to change things for the better.

Sessions are paid for a day in advance, by electronic bank transfer.  If this is a problem, other options can be discussed.

Counselling is an investment in yourself, and I keep my fees as low as I can, bearing in mind a large percentage of my income goes straight back out in working ethically – fees for membership bodies, insurances, GDPR registration, supervision costs, ongoing training which is mandatory, the cost of basic training alone can be well over £10k or more; and of course there are other costs such as website, marketing, zoom fees, heat & light when working from home, phone and internet costs, etc.  The cost of a session is not just for the time we are online together, but admin time, and time reflecting before and after sessions, and in supervision.

If you would really like to work with me, but genuinely cannot afford the full fee, if I am able I am willing to offer a reduced fee for sessions which are often more difficult to allocate, eg early morning.  So please do get in touch, I will always help where I am able.



What to Expect


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 When we work together you will find I work collaboratively with you to identify a way forward together, listening to who you are and what you would like to achieve.  I will think of you as a person reacting to your life, and seek to help you to improve things, I will not regard you as a patient who needs to be fixed.

Paying attention to the essence of what makes you ‘you’ can be very helpful in maintaining a positive view both of yourself and life in general, and can feel uplifting and rewarding.  Once we have dealt with any immediate crisis, if you wish I can help you to sustain progress by reflecting on how you would like to live out your life, so it fits with your values and personality, and identify the things within it that you would like to prioritise. 

Get In Touch

Whether you are ready to plunge straight in to some therapy or just need to ask a few questions first, I invite you to give me a few details below, and I will make contact with you as soon as I am able.

If you do NOT want me to leave a voicemail, please TICK


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