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I love bleak rugged scenery, all the more so if I’m able to capture it on camera, as it then serves as a reminder in times to come of trips out, all the more precious when a further lockdown is a possibility.

What I do when I am feeling stuck

What I particularly love about this photo of the Cow and Calf rocks above Ilkley are the different aspects to the views – if you are standing at the base of the ‘Cow’ (the large outcrop at the back) ready to attempt a climb, all you would see is a rather daunting wall of millstone grit and not much else.  If you turn to your left to face the camera position you’d see a welcoming pub that does very nice food.  To your right, and you would see for miles.  Today wasn’t particularly clear, but you get my drift. 

Bird flying on blue sky image to represent what I do when I am feeling stuck

Bird flying on blue sky image

And so it is with life’s problems I think.  We can feel stuck in a certain situation, a relationship, a source of pain etc, and all we ‘see’ is an unclimbable wall with no way forward.  But if we are able to look at things a different way, there may be possibilities we haven’t seen before, choices we’ve unconsciously discounted perhaps.  So next time you are feeling stuck, and can’t see round a problem, why not ask someone else if you are missing something?